Don't Leave Winning To Chance



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Rolryte are Publishers of the World's first Rolryte Application.

Rolryte is the revolutionary new number generator which gives you the opportunity to control, 

once you have mastered it,

where you move to on board games 

You can then avoid the nasties and collect the goodies.

Don’t leave winning to chance

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Rolryte are also publishers of the World's first board game specifically designed for Rolryte

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----- About Rolryte -----

A thrown dice indicates how many moves a player must make on a board game. It is impossible for a player to apply any skill to the throwing of the dice in the hope of influencing the score that will be achieved.

Rolryte, however, allows a player to apply the skill of concentration and logic to influence the score a player can achieve.

An additional dimension to Rolryte allows a player to reduce, temporarily, an opponent’s influence on the scores that that opponent may expect to achieve.

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